Administrator Guide


This section goes over some common tasks that you may need to perform as a Starbelly administrator. In the examples below, if a command prompt is prefixed with a container name, then that indicates that the command must be run inside a specific Docker container. For example, if you see this:

starbelly-dev-app:/starbelly# ls /usr/local/etc

Then that command should be run inside of the starbelly-dev-app container. To obtain a shell inside that container, run:

$ docker exec -it starbelly-dev-app /bin/bash

You can use the same technique to get a shell inside the starbelly-dev-db or starbelly-dev-web containers.

Clear Database

To clear all data from the database, including crawl data, job data, and other state:

starbelly-dev-app:/starbelly# python tools/

Change Password

Adding or changing passwords is covered in the Installation Guide under the “Security” section.